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2 NOV 2017

Ohio Christian Writers Conference

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We are delighted that you are joining us at the Ohio Christian Writers Conference this year!

As a benefit to our attendees, we are offering the opportunity to have critiques completed before the conference. This will enable you to have time to make adjustments and edits according to the feedback received prior to any pitching sessions at the conference.

Payment and Time

Critiques cost $35 per critique session paid directly to the person performing the critique.

Each critique will last approximately twenty minutes. Please respect the time of person performing the critique.


  1. Inspirational 
    1. Devotionals – up to 1,000 words
    2. Bible Study – up to 1,000 words
  2. Non-fiction –Chapter breakdown/synopsis; Submit first chapter
    1. Self-Help
    2. Parenting
    3. Business/Leadership
    4. Religion
    5. Memoirs/Personal Essay
    6. Other
  3. Short Nonfiction: Magazine Feature Article – under 1,500 words
  4. Flash Fiction/Poetry – under 1,000 words
    1. Under 500 words
    2. Under 1000 words
  5. Novels: General, contemporary, literary, etc. – Submit first three chapters
  6. Romance (western, historical, fantasy, etc. Please note: no erotica will be accepted.) – Submit first three chapters
  7. Thriller/Mystery/Suspense – Submit first three chapters
  8. Speculative (no horror) – Submit first three chapters
  9. Children’s and Youth
    1. Picture Books – Submit entire work.
    2. Easy Readers – Submit entire work.
    3. YA Fiction – Submit first three chapters.
    4. YA Non-fiction – Submit first three chapters.
    5. Middle Grade – Submit first three chapters.
    6. Chapter Books – Submit first three chapters.
  10. Proposals
    1. Nonfiction – Submit proposal with one chapter
    2. Fiction – Submit proposal with first chapter

How to Participate

If you wish to participate, contact the person under the category you wish to be critiqued. You are responsible for paying the fee prior to the appointment.

Critiques are available only to registered conferees and your registration will be confirmed before your critique takes place. Critiques will only be accepted until September 30, 2017 and will be completed by October 15, 2017, so please sign up early!

Please note: this will require for you to submit your manuscript and schedule with one of the faculty a one-on-one video critique before the conference. Each instructor will schedule their online sessions via Skype, Google Hangout, or Zoom.

If you have any questions, please contact us at with “Critique Question” in the subject line.

Name Category email address
Cyle Young All categories
Kimberly Duffy Flash Fiction(but no poetry), Romance
Cherrilynn Bisbano Inspirational, Non-Fiction, Short Non-Fiction,Flash fiction, General Fiction, Romance, Thriller/Mystery/Suspense
Tessa Emily Hall Inspirational, Non-Fiction, Self-help, Magazine Feature Article, Flash Fiction/Poetry, Novels, Children’s & youth easy readers, YA fiction
Michelle Medlock Adams children’s manuscript, devotions, non-fiction book chapter breakdowns/premise and short non-fiction pieces
Terry Whalin all Inspirational, all Nonfiction, Short nonfiction / Magazine Feature article, all novel, all children’s and youth
Victoria Duerstock all Inspirational
Bethany Jett Non-Fiction proposals
Bill Watkins All Inspirational and Non-Fiction, including Short non-fiction
Lindsey Brackett Flash fiction, novels (romance, contemporary, literary, no spec), proposals, articles
Cristel Phelps all categories