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[2017 Workshops]

Michelle Medlock Adams

  • How to Write a Bestselling Children’s Book – Children’s Book Writing 101 basics from a multi-award winning author’s perspective and steps to achieve lasting success.
  • Get Quick Clips and Consistent Cash Writing for Newspapers, Trade Journals, Websites and Regional MagazinesBeginning writers unite! If “querying with clips” is impossible for you because you’ve not yet been published, or if you’re only writing award is for a poem you wrote in third grade—you need immediate results. Come to this session and discover how to build your credentials in a hurry while learning and earning!

Johnnie Alexander

  • Five Fabulous Factual Facts for Unforgettable FictionUnforgettable stories, whether smash ‘em up thrillers, lengthy family sagas, or relaxing beach reads have: 1) complex characters; 2) a compelling storyline; 3) unexpected events; 4) resonating themes; and 5) a satisfying (though not necessarily happy) ending. This workshop provides a brief overview of each of these elements for writing unforgettable fiction.
  • How to Create a Writer/Critique Group with Jean Wise These accomplished writers will share guidelines and tips for creating both in-person and online groups; determining the group’s purpose, structure, and procedures; and establishing a critique rotation and process. You’ll have the tools you need to start and participate in a supportive and effective writing/critique group.

Cherrilynn Bisbano

*Appointments Only*

Meaghan Burnett

  • Self Publishing Tools of the Trade
  • Agent & Editor Panel

Victoria Duerstock

  • Create Engaging Opt-ins for your email list – hands on workshop with practical application for creating interesting and desirable downloads to acquire new readers for your email list.  We will be using real life examples to learn what to do or what not to do!

Kimberly Duffy


  • Make a Spark—How to Write Flash Fiction Romance – Learn how to write tight, compelling stories that leave your readers breathless using fewer than 1,000 words. Using the look, the linger, and the allusion, you can capture those moments that spark a relationship


  • Agent & Editor Panel

Tessa Hall

  • YA Christian Fiction – What Teens really want to hear and what they don’t- Books are powerful tools when it comes to reaching lost youth. However, teens aren’t searching for a sermon when they pick up a novel; they’re seeking a story and escapism. In this workshop, Tessa will discuss how you can deliver a story that appeals to the heart of youth, all the while avoiding major pitfalls that YA Christian fiction writers tend to make.
  • Mastering the variations of show vs. tell Every writer is advised to “show” their story rather than tell it, yet this seems to remain the most difficult technique for writers to master. In this workshop, I’ll discuss the five variations of showing vs. telling and how you can bring your story to life by mastering these techniques. Be sure to bring a 1000-word sample of your writing that you don’t mind revising and possibly sharing with the class (optional)
  • Agent & Editor Panel

Bob Hostetler

  • The Business of Writing”-Tips, tools, and techniques of writing from a full-time freelancer: equipment, records, habits, and attitudes of the writing professional.
  • Articles That Grab and Hold Readers-How to plan and write magazine articles that open with a bang, keep the reader engaged, and close with a flourish.
  • Agent & Editor Panel

Bethany Jett

  • Zero to Book DealAttending the 2012 FCWC with a hope in her heart and amateur proposal in hand, Bethany Jett was ecstatic to receive interest from two publishers and two contracts from agents, even though one publisher thought her platform was too small. In the month following the conference, Bethany turned her tiny platform into a huge marketing opportunity—enough to secure the “publisher that got away.” This class teaches how to turn a few resources into publishing opportunities with magazines, radios, guest posts, and speaking engagements. We will navigate the components of fiction and nonfiction proposals, building a speaking list, and leveraging every opportunity.

Jillian Lancour

  • Grow your Brand with InstagramIncrease your influence and your audience on Instagram, the app that has over 600 million active daily users. You’ll learn how to be an Instagram pro, what you should be posting specific to your brand and purpose, and how to increase your following.
  • Live Streaming – Live Streaming is an effective way to connect with your audience, and it’s not going away anytime soon. You’ll learn tips and tricks to be a professional, engaging, and entertaining live streamer.

Edie Melson

  • The Basics of Building a Novel World You Love, But Not Too Much Attendees will learn all the components of effective world building, A lot of examples will revolve around speculative fiction, but historical and contemporary worlds will also be addressed. Included in the information will be: Believablility, Terminology, Flora, Fauna & Physical Locale, Dialect & Language, and Setting as an antagonistic Character
  • Making Marvelous MemesAll aspects of creating effective visuals for illustrating blog posts and sharing on social media. Several different online and app platforms will be introduced. Also covered will be the basics of copyright that everyone online needs to know.

Cristel Phelps

  • Agent & Editor Panel

Terry Whalin

  • The Goodreads Author Difference -Five ways every author can make a difference on Goodreads. Over 40 million readers are on Terry has over 5,000 Goodreads friends and has used a number of the tools to reach new readers. In this workshop, he will give you a series of practical ideas that you can immediately apply to your own books.
  • Editors Read Book Proposals Not Manuscripts. How do you write a book proposal? What makes an excellent proposal and what makes a terrible one? Publishers receive thousands of these proposals. How do you determine which publishers are interested in your particular proposal? This session includes practical how-to information about proposal writing from the editor’s perspective. Terry has written many book proposals and his proposals have had great success in the Christian and general marketplace.
  • Agent & Editor Panel

Jean Wise

  • Self Publishing Tips and Tricks Self-publishing used to be frowned upon but now with easier, print on demand options, this is a viable and respected form of publishing your book.  Come learn some ideas, tips and tricks to this growing field including: steps to follow when self-publishing, publishing options for the different formats, and other important resources.
  • How to Create a Writer/Critique Group with Johnnie Alexander These accomplished writers will share guidelines and tips for creating both in-person and online groups; determining the group’s purpose, structure, and procedures; and establishing a critique rotation and process. You’ll have the tools you need to start and participate in a supportive and effective writing/critique group.

Cyle Young

  • The “Polish” Draft  – Selling your book before you submit.** Become a writer that wows a prospective agent or editor by enhancing your manuscript and proposal submission with targeted editing geared to make your submission shine above the competition. Learn how to perform a proper “look” test, make sure you always kill the “as” monsters, “beat” up your dialogue, pull “weeds” and much more!
  • Binge Writing 101Binge Writing: Write faster, Smarter, and in Less Time. Discover the Binge Writer in you. For some, writing is a talent, a special gift they were naturally born with. But for most, writing is a craft, improved upon over time by intentional practice and repetition. Every writer has the potential to write thousands of words, but often times our lifestyle, atmosphere, and/or self-esteem holds us back. In this workshop, you will learn how to unlock your subconscious, control your internal censor, harness your ideal writing time, capture ideas, set goals, and most importantly, get a lot of words down on paper.
  • Agent & Editor Panel – Cyle will lead our agents and Editors in a Q&A style panel discussion covering all aspects of the publishing process today.